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At Miller Wealth Group we aim to make a positive difference to the lives of our valued clients. We know that our clients are our greatest asset and we will work hard to meet your needs.



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“No one has ever achieved financial fitness with a January resolution that’s abandoned by February.”

– Suze Orman

Our Story

Miller Wealth Group was founded in February 2018 to ensure that clients looking for insurance solutions are being treated with respect, care and professionalism.

Since then, we expanded to meet the needs of our clients, by offering a range of financial planning services, from mortgages to retirement planning and superannuation.

Miller Wealth Group will assist you with every step of the way in your time of need. We will be open and transparent and our team is there to assist you through every step and ensure we put you and your family first.

We understand that planning your financial future or going through a traumatic life event for you or your loved ones is hard. We aim to remove the stress and provide immediate and continuous value. When you work with us, we’re building a partnership that’s made to last.

Our Team


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Clinton Miller


Clinton has a simple philosophy in delivering client focused advice. “Do everything right for my clients and this will ensure their happiness and financial stability while mitigating risk”.

Clinton started advising in early 2014, striving to provide clear and suitable financial advice for clients from various backgrounds. He places high priority on correct and ethical advice while providing the right services, support and products to meet his client’s needs and goals.

Clinton takes pride in his product and industry knowledge which is very extensive. He only works with reputable, regulated financial providers and ensures benefits of the products he recommends are well explained and evaluated with his clients, comparing not only price and features but, suitability, personal needs and family considerations.

Clinton has a down to earth and friendly personality which makes the consultation with clients a pleasure and a feel‐good experience. He gains great personal fulfillment in helping his clients achieve their financial and personal goals and helping protect what matters most to you in life. 

Brian Kearney

Senior Financial Adviser
Authorised Representative No. 1289461

Brian is a financial planner who is here to help hard-working Australians secure their financial future. With years of experience in the financial services sector, he has had the privilege of assisting in all sorts of different areas of advice and is committed to bringing that knowledge to your unique financial landscape.

Brian’s approach centres on gaining a deep understanding of your specific goals and objectives and then tailoring a strategy to fit your needs. What drives him is the transparency, as he believes in clear, honest advice and being there every step of the way.

Starting in the industry from the ground up as a client services officer, he has seen the entire advice process through and can simplify the complex financial concepts that have been recommended. Brian has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance and Financial Planning) as well as the Financial Adviser Standards and Ethics (FASEA) Certification, to make sure all advice is current, compliant and in your best interest.

When working with Brian, clients can expect a hands-on approach, explained in plain  english to navigate you through what the future might throw.

Paul Lohrey

Senior Financial Adviser
Authorised Representative No. 1306045

Paul’s journey in the financial advisory industry began with his background in business administration and management, which served as a solid foundation. Despite his roots in a small town his time spent around Australia navigating urban environments has granted him a unique perspective when advising clients from various backgrounds.

Paul is a quiet yet confident professional with a friendly, easy-going demeanour. He’s driven by a strong work ethic, grounded in a patient and understanding approach. Clients can trust that he won’t rush them into financial decisions but will instead provide thoughtful guidance.

What sets Paul apart is his unwavering commitment to excellence which led him to pursue further studies, demonstrating his dedication to exceeding industry standards. This commitment underscores his relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise in the financial advisory field.

Paul’s motivation to be a financial planner stems from his genuine desire to help others. He enjoys crafting personalised solutions tailored to each client’s unique situation. What truly excites him is the positive impact he can make in someone’s life.

His advisory philosophy centres on delivering honest, sound advice, underpinned by a commitment to showing compassion. Paul’s approach emphasises clarity, ensuring clients understand and are confident about how the advice aligns with their goals and values. Treating clients like family and friends, Paul fosters lasting, trusted relationships with those he serves.

Ethan Gilmour

Senior Business Manager

At Miller Wealth Group, we are dedicated to simplifying the retirement process while enhancing returns to improve our clients’ quality of life. Our approach combines proven strategies with decades of collective expertise, delivering a unique and dynamic service to everyday Australians who want their superannuation to work for them.

Ethan Gilmour, your primary contact at Miller Wealth Group, is passionate about finance and believes in making simple adjustments that can have significant future impacts. Ethan is a family man who enjoys an active lifestyle, including going to the gym, surfing, golfing, and salsa dancing. His core values are honesty and integrity.

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important things you should know

We assist you in every step. If you are sick or injured the last thing you will want to worry about is getting forms. We do everything from start to finish.

Yes we can look at different options to claim your insurance back on tax.

The amount of super needed for retirement varies depending on factors such as your desired lifestyle, life expectancy, and other sources of income. We can assist you in creating an estimation tailored to your individual circumstances.

Yes depending on the cover, things like life insurance, TPD and income protection can be paid with your super.

Everyone is different, We work with you to figure out how much will be required.

No. All our fees are upfront and transparent.

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